About dton.io team

The DTON technical team is dedicated to creating innovative and cutting-edge products for the TON blockchain ecosystem. Our suite of open-source tools includes the Disintar NFT marketplace, Toncli CLI, Dton blockchain scanner, Ton-k8s deployment scripts, and Tvm-python bindings. With these tools, developers can easily deploy and interact with TON smart contracts, scan the blockchain for information, and run their own TON instances on Kubernetes or Compose.

We are committed to providing valuable and useful tools for TON users and developers. Our team is made up of experienced and skilled developers who are passionate about blockchain technology and committed to advancing the TON ecosystem. We are always open to feedback and suggestions from our users, and we welcome any contributors who would like to join our community and help us develop and maintain our open-source tools.

As users and developers, you can trust that the Disintar team is dedicated to delivering high-quality products and providing excellent support. We are constantly working to improve and expand our product offerings, and we are committed to delivering the best possible experience for our users. Join us in building a better future for the TON ecosystem.

In addition to our suite of open-source tools for the TON blockchain ecosystem, the DTON technical team is also committed to providing excellent support and service to our users. You can reach us on Twitter at @disintar_io, or on our support channel on Telegram at @disintarsupport. We also have a Russian-speaking Telegram channel at @dtontech.

If you encounter any issues with our products, please feel free to post them on our GitHub page at https://github.com/disintar/.github/issues. We are dedicated to addressing any issues and providing solutions in a timely manner.

For any questions related to security, please email security@head-labs.com.

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