We use a column database to handle queries. This means that the fewer columns you query, the faster your query will be executed.

We also separate low-level work with data from high-level.

Low-level tables

  • blocks - all blocks in network

    • blocksCount - # total blocks in database

  • raw_transactions - all transactions in network

    • transactionsCount - # total transactions in database

    • accountTransactionCount - count transactions by account

    • transactionsAfterTimestamp - get transactions after some time point

    • lastTransactionCountSegments - transactions count by segment 'hour', 'minute', 'day'

    • lastTransactionCount - # of transactions for 24h

Blocks and transactions contains all TLb fields from block.tlb separated by _

Transactions TLb scheme concatenated with AccountStatus which gave you ultimate opportunity to use accounts data & code for every transaction to validate data.

Also, we add many other fields for every model which are needed for development, more information can be founded in detailed model documentation.


  • raw_account_states - the actual latest account states in the network

High-level tables

  • searchNFTCollections

  • searchNFTs

In high level tables we aggregate info and prepare it for end-user.

Example: if you want to find all NFTs in account_states you need to get all items with column called account_state_state_init_code_has_get_nft_data with value 1 and then filter locally all NFTs which has parsed_nft_owner_address_workchain not None and parsed_nft_true_nft_in_collection is zero. Because it's a fake NFTs (they are not really in collection, because collection method said that it's not his NFT). But in searchNFTs method, you don't need to do anything, we already did it for you.

So if you just want to get NFT / Jetton / DEX data from chain just use high-level tables. If you know what you do - you can use low-level tables.

Warning: transaction table and account_states methods are deprecated, use raw_transactions, raw_account_states instead. We will improve those methods and made them more friednly


  • run_method - run any method in smart contracts with low-level parameters

Other methods

  • tonPrice - get TON price by days

  • getTPS - transactions per second

  • getTPM - transactions per minute

  • run_transaction - run any transaction in network

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