About toncli

Toncli is currently in a highly developmental stage. We welcome any feedback or contributions from users to help improve the tool.

Toncli is a powerful and easy-to-use command line interface for The Open Network (TON) blockchain. With toncli, developers can easily deploy and interact with TON smart contracts from any platform. Toncli is a cross-platform tool, so it can be used on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

Using toncli, developers can easily deploy their TON smart contracts, call their functions, and interact with them in a variety of ways. Toncli also provides a number of convenient features, such as support for interactive Fift console, automatic contract artifact generation, and more.

However, it's important to note that toncli can be challenging to use if you are not familiar with the Func and Fift languages. This is because The Open Network uses a different actor-based system than Ethereum, which requires a different approach to writing and deploying smart contracts. If you are new to The Open Network, it's recommended that you invest some time in learning about Func and Fift (a little bit). Once you have a basic understanding of these languages, toncli can be a valuable tool to help you develop and deploy your TON smart contracts.

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