About tvm-python

Tvm-python is a project that aims to combine the original C++ TON code with Python, allowing you to easily run smart contracts and access their output data and parameters in Python. We've created Ton TVM bindings for Python, as well as several helper functions, such as parse_onchain_data for tokens, to make working with the TON network even easier.

You can find the C++ code on our GitHub page at https://github.com/disintar/ton/tree/tvm-python. We also have a Python example available at https://github.com/disintar/PyTVM/blob/master/tvm-python.ipynb.

We've been using tvm-python for several months now and we think it's a great experiment. Furthermore, we're planning to create a full version of a TON Python library with these bindings in the future. We hope you find tvm-python useful and we look forward to your feedback.

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